Brett Kimberlin, Not Just a Convicted Felon!

On Stacy McCain’s blog, he posted about what a liar wee Brett is.  But there’s more!  This guy is totally multi-talented, a real Renaissance criminal.  It’s true!

Once, a source recalled, Kimberlin bragged that his brother Scott had traveled to India where he supposedly studied transcendental meditation with a famous guru.  He said his brother learned the hidden arts of the mysterious East and passed them on to him.  “Brett bragged the cops might arrest him but would never hold him.  You see, he claimed his brother taught him how to levitate and disappear.  He said he just could disappear from jail.”

I found the above quote in an old Indianapolis Star article, which you can read online here:

Given that he spent thirteen years in jail, it looks like the guru and his techniques weren’t all wee Brett made out they were.

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