I created this blog about four days ago, and today it made WordPress’s “Blog of the Day/Growing Blogs”!  Wow!  But I couldn’t have done it without all of you, whether you were a blogger who linked my posts, reposted my entries on your own blog, or just visited, you were a part of this success.  So thank you very much!  I look forward to providing you with even more information, snark, and entertainment in the days and weeks to come.


Click on the image to embiggen.  If you care.  Or not.  🙂

I also made the Memeorandum thread about Brett Kimberlin’s Missing Wikipedia Page.  Thanks Memeorandum crew for adding my blog to the conversation!

I’d like to personally thank all the bloggers out there who’ve been linking me; it’s all about community, and it’s through links that we find more new and interesting voices to add to the conversation.  If I inadvertently omit you from this list, please drop me a comment and I’ll be sure to add you!

The biggest referrer this week has been The Camp of the Saints — Thanks, Bob!  The amount of traffic that wandered over here to check out my little blog was truly astounding.

The Other McCain — You guys have shown me a lot of link-love.  Thanks!  Stacy, it was my desire to show solidarity with your Kimberlin tussle which led me to start this blog.

An Ex-Con’s View — Paul, your early and continued support has been much appreciated!

Lee Stranahan — it was your call of “Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day” that got this party started.  Thanks!

Flashlight Web

Capitalist Preservation

The Return of Cincinnatus

The Conservatory

That Mr. G Guy

The Daley Gator

Eyes Open and Awake

Zion’s Trumpet

No One of Any Import

I hope that’s everyone.  Again, thank you all, every single one of you.

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  1. It has been (and hopefully continues to be) a real pleasure!

  2. shoot, yer quite welcome. you brought a lot of good info and good humor to the situation. see you in the funny pages.


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