Free Aaron!

So the result of the hearing between Kimberlin and Aaron Walker was Aaron was arrested.

Update: Aaron’s free now.

You know what they say about an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client?  Very true, apparently.  It doesn’t help matters if the judge is admittedly clueless about how that internet thingie works.  Clearly the judge wasn’t aware that a blog owner isn’t responsible for anything his commenters might say.  I don’t think there was any evidence that Walker made threats against Kimberlin; yet somehow the case was made that Walker represented some kind of threat, whether there was any evidence of that presented or not.  (Or whether threats from other people were conflated with something else, like the call for everyone to blog about Brett Kimberlin day, which the judge saw as inciting threats?)  Well, that and the judge seemed to dislike Walker, which doubtless didn’t help Aaron’s case at all.

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