Free Aaron!

So the result of the hearing between Kimberlin and Aaron Walker was Aaron was arrested.

Update: Aaron’s free now.

You know what they say about an attorney who represents himself has a fool for a client?  Very true, apparently.  It doesn’t help matters if the judge is admittedly clueless about how that internet thingie works.  Clearly the judge wasn’t aware that a blog owner isn’t responsible for anything his commenters might say.  I don’t think there was any evidence that Walker made threats against Kimberlin; yet somehow the case was made that Walker represented some kind of threat, whether there was any evidence of that presented or not.  (Or whether threats from other people were conflated with something else, like the call for everyone to blog about Brett Kimberlin day, which the judge saw as inciting threats?)  Well, that and the judge seemed to dislike Walker, which doubtless didn’t help Aaron’s case at all.


The Delusional Kimberlin Apple Doesn’t Fall Far from the Tree

Today I managed to find .pdf files of several Indianapolis Star articles from the time of the guilty verdict/sentencing for the Speedway Bomber case, as well as three articles from the week of the bombings.  Haven’t found anything yet from the Scyphers murder case or the months-long investigations into that murder and the bombing.

This evening I thought I’d share a little something from the guilty verdict article, dated Friday October 16, 1981.

(Feel free to click on the link yourself to read what I’ve transcribed.)

Kimberlin and his attorneys attempted to convince the jury he could not have committed the September 1978 bombings because he was a young, successful businessman, a quiet vegetarian who sold natural foods and earth shoes.  Kimberlin is a former Broad Ripple health store owner.

His attorneys tried to convince the jury that Kimberlin was a man who practiced transcendental meditation; that he was cultured, good humored — a man who cared for people — and expressed an interest in energy conservation.

They had hoped the jury would overlook his perjury conviction.

Ignore the evidence, like the Tovex he bought in 1975.   Ignore the eyewitness testimony.  Ignore the potential motive.  It’s all a lie.

You see, he couldn’t possibly have committed these heinous crimes, because he’s smart, loves to laugh, enjoys snuggling with cute kittehs, and separates his recyclables from his non-recyclables.  Oh, and that nasty jury should’ve overlooked the whole previous lying under oath conviction.  Mean, nasty jury!

When you put it like that, his innocence is totally crystal clear, isn’t it?  He cares — deeply, deeply cares — for people.  Except when he allegedly puts out a contract to have an enemy shot in the head or attempts to blow people up to cover up some other crime.  Allegedly.  Or allegedly harass enemies mercilessly and have his pals allegedly send the SWAT team after them.  But other than that he TOTALLY cares for other people!  HONEST!  At least those who are as cultured, environmentally aware, and concerned about humanity as he obviously is.  Oh, and don’t forget his love of transcendental meditation and oh-so-comfy earth shoes!  Proof positive he couldn’t possibly be a crazed bomber!

Later in the article there’s this:

Carolyn Kimberlin, the defendant’s mother, who has maintained her son’s innocence and helped pay his huge legal bills, seemed stunned by the verdict.

“I know Brett is innocent and I came to the courthouse expecting the jury to find the same thing.  I am totally shocked.”

But her words turned bitter as she criticized the agents from the Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms who amassed the mountain of evidence that helped convict her son.

“The guilty persons were in the courtroom, but not Brett.  So many people are naive and unaware of the diabolical, underhanded methods used by certain rotten apples in our government and I pray to God we will clean up our government.”

Yes.  He was set up by a bunch of rotten government apples.  Is it any wonder wee Brett is still whining to anyone who will listen about his “secret exoneration” and his innocence?  He got it from his mom.

Would this be the same mom who later sued him for $150,000?  And won?  Of course, it was merely a win on principle, since Brett’s been pretending to be poor for years.

They Didn’t Know?

Over at Big Government, the Breitbart gang asked people who fund Kimberlin’s Justice Through Music Project if they were aware he was the Speedway Bomber.  Apparently they did not.

At least, that’s what they claim, those who responded to the Breitbart gang’s queries.

Having spent the last couple of days looking at whatever I could find online about Kimberlin, I will admit it’s difficult to learn anything from original sources, since few are online.  The Indianapolis Star has a huge hole in their archives, covering from 1923 to 1990.  That’s quite a large gap; it also coincides with the time contemporaneous coverage would have been done of the Speedway bomber and his trial.  As a result, there is exactly one original article that you can find online that’s free.  (I’ve repeatedly linked to it and quoted from it.)  There may be others, which cost money to see, available via other sources; I don’t know.

To further complicate matters, there’s no Wikipedia page for Kimberlin.  There was, but there isn’t now.

But I find it hard to believe that people steeped in the grievances of the left haven’t heard of who he is, based solely on their attitude about “stolen elections.”  The left thinks the 1988 election was stolen, since Kimberlin’s claim to have sold pot to Dan Quayle didn’t get enough coverage just before that election.  It doesn’t matter if, subsequently, the allegation was unprovable and untrue.  He’d especially be seen as a sympathetic figure since he was placed in solitary confinement repeatedly during the week before that election — and according to him, it was solely for the purpose of keeping him from talking directly to reporters.

I’m not so much of a partisan to say he might not have had a case there, but the courts didn’t think he did.

But if the shoe were on the other foot and I was in charge of dispersing people’s charitable donation money, you can rest assured I’d be doing background checks on the people in charge of those charitable organizations.  And if it so happened that the head of one of them turned out to be a convicted drug trafficker and bomber, I wouldn’t be sending any money to his group.  I’d also contact other board members of his organization to explain why my money wasn’t going to them and allow them to decide whether to get rid of him or not.

But then I have principles.  Followers of Alinsky tend not to have; since they get in the way of winning.

Brett Kimberlin, Not Just a Convicted Felon!

On Stacy McCain’s blog, he posted about what a liar wee Brett is.  But there’s more!  This guy is totally multi-talented, a real Renaissance criminal.  It’s true!

Once, a source recalled, Kimberlin bragged that his brother Scott had traveled to India where he supposedly studied transcendental meditation with a famous guru.  He said his brother learned the hidden arts of the mysterious East and passed them on to him.  “Brett bragged the cops might arrest him but would never hold him.  You see, he claimed his brother taught him how to levitate and disappear.  He said he just could disappear from jail.”

I found the above quote in an old Indianapolis Star article, which you can read online here:

Given that he spent thirteen years in jail, it looks like the guru and his techniques weren’t all wee Brett made out they were.