More Kimberlin Work To Be Done and Article Links

The Speedway Bombing page is up at Wikipedia.  Link it in your blog and follow the link to read the article.  Let’s pump this thing up on the search engines.

Hat tip to Bryan Preston at the PJ Tatler.

Update: And now Brett Kimberlin’s page has been restored!  However, it appears to be undergoing many edits, even as we speak.

I certainly hope this increases Kimberlin’s exposure.

Also, I’ve found a few .pdfs of Indianapolis Star articles you might want to check out.

Friday, October 16, 1981 Guilty Verdict Front Page Article 

Kimberlin Gets Fifty More Years (only first page, the page 14 continuation isn’t there)

Mystery Still Shrouds Kimberlin Case (after the sentence had been handed down).

Articles written at the time of the bombing, from the Indianapolis Star:

3 Explosions Rock Speedway (Saturday, September 2, 1978)

Speedway Police Car Bombed (Wednesday, September 6, 1978)

8th Speedway Bomb Injures 3 (Thursday, September 7, 1978)